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Spring 2016 - Emergency Medicine

Spring 2016 - Emergency Medicine Editorial: Defining emergency medicine
Feature articles: Access to primary care vs. the ED; after-hours care at Kaiser Santa Rosa; the new Sutter ER; traumatic injury treatment at Memorial Hospital; "Save Lives Sonoma" works with heart-attack victims.

Departments: A mystery case of amnesia; fire at Russian River Health Center; medical arts: wildlife photography; in memoriam Laurel Warner; SCMAAF art show; "Ocean Worlds" book review; SCMA physician survey results.
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Winter 2016 - Mental Health

Winter 2016 - Mental Health

Editorial: Collaboration is our hope
Feature articles: Mental illness and violence; advances in child and adolescent psychiatry; integrated behavioral health care; mental health services at the county jail.
Departments: Boosting the local health care workforce; Mystery Case; reviews of Taking Control of Your Seizures and Intelligence in the Flesh.
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Fall 2015 - Death and Dying

Fall 2015 - Death and Dying Editorial: Death and Dying
Feature articles: Hospice alternatives to physician-assisted suicide; guide to advance care planning; hospice care; death certificates.
Departments: Treating atrial fibrillation; Latino Health Forum; the art of M.C. Escher; review of "H is for Hawk"; SCMA Alliance and SCMA membership updates.

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Summer 2015 - The Spine

Summer 2015 - The Spine Editorial: Touching the Patient
Feature articles: Strategies for treating low back pain; lumbar spinal stenosis; malingering in patients with chronic pain.
Departments: Interview with SCMA president Mary Maddux-Gonzalez; Hearts of Sonoma County guidelines; a mystery dermatology case; Yo Yo Ma concert review; featured poem, and book reviews of Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry and Better Than Medicines.
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Spring 2015 - Birth

Spring 2015 - Birth Feature articles: long-term effects of cesarean section; home birth; birth centers; weight loss and pregnancy; smoke-free babies.

Departments: sublingual buprenorphine; trained medical interpreters; helping Haitian amputees; a review of E.O. Wilson’s “The Meaning of Human Existence”; a personal reflection on medical practice; and a call to membership from the CMA president and physicians within SCMA.
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Winter 2015 - The Brain

Winter 2015 - The Brain Features articles: updates on concussion, headache, and psychotropic medications.
Special Report: Hypertension Initiative sponsored by Hearts of Sonoma County.

Departments: Philippine relief mission; Mystery Case; review of Atwal Gawande's "Being Mortal;" new 2015 health laws, Awards Dinner Gawande's "Being Mortal;" new 2015 health laws, Awards Dinner photos, a look ahead for the SCMA Alliance and Foundation.
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Fall 2014 - Medicine and Politics

Fall 2014 - Medicine and Politics Special reports: Tick-borne infections; the new Sutter regional hospital.
Feature articles: Medicine & politics; federal update; Covered California; Proposition 46.

Departments: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity; high intensity focused ultrasound; Latino Health Forum; techniques for changing patient behavior; Extreme Medicine review; the Apple Doctor Santa.
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Summer 2014 - Hands and Feet

Summer 2014 - Hands and Feet

Feature articles: Carpal tunnel syndrome; Dupuytren's contracture; "hands on" classical music; plantar fasciitis; ankle fractures.
Departments: interview with new SCMA president Rob Nied, MD; office-based balloon sinus dilation; suboxone treatment for opioid dependency; VeloMed protects bicyclists; birding on Maui; "Do You Believe in Magic?" book review.
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Spring 2014 - Medical Controversies

Spring 2014 - Medical Controversies
Feature articles: Emerging concepts of obesity; the D-Diet; medical marijuana; vitamins and supplements.

Departments: Collecting Abraham Lincoln; "Moral Tribes" review; remembrance of Dr. Gayle Stephens; gardening; next level of elder care.
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Winter 2014 - Digestive Health

Winter 2014 - Digestive Health Feature articles: Weaning GERD patients off PPIs; nonalcoholic fatty liver disease; food allergies; celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity; colorectal cancer.

Departments: Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday (PHASE); primary care: when east meets west; illustrating the mind; CMA House of Delegates 2013; “Gulp” by Mary Roach; “The Price of Civilization” by Jeffrey Sachs.
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