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Fall 2013 - Population Health

Fall 2013 - Population Health Feature articles: Patient-centered medical homes; unnecessary testing; bicycling; allergies and autoimmune diseases; medical liability insurance; youth exposure to tobacco

Departments: Immunotherapy for breast cancer; genetic breast and ovarian cancer; tai chi; Community Hospital; teleconference etiquette; "What Doctors Feel"

Summer 2013 - Medical Education

Summer 2013 - Medical Education Feature articles: Residency education; attending rounds; community health education; medical assisting programs; nurse practitioner residency; Future Faces of Family Medicine

Departments: Interview with Stephen Steady, MD; SCMA strategic plan; Latino Health Forum; camping with horses; end-of-life care; volunteering; bullying; "Zoobiquity"; health reform; patient stories

Spring 2013 - The Senses

Spring 2013 - The Senses Feature articles: the five senses, osteopathic touch, video games, hearing loss, taste and smell, wine tasting.

Departments: wolves, transcranial magnetic stimulation, managing your online image, soldier doctors, garden tour, Bad Pharma, strategic planning

Winter 2013 - Integrative Medicine

Winter 2013 - Integrative Medicine Feature articles: integrative medicine defined, integrative medicine in community clinics, wellness centers, integrative medicine fellowship

Departments: Western Health Advantage, STEMI care, frogs, triathletes, Social Conquest of Earth, Bob Dylan, SCMA Annual Report

Fall 2012 - Pain and Suffering

Fall 2012 - Pain and Suffering Feature articles: Pain and suffering; managing chronic pain; alleviating suffering; pain, suffering and healing at the end of life; opiates for chronic pain; substance abuse during pregnancy; reducing opioid use.

Departments: Interview with Dr. Lynn Silver-Chalfin; wood smoke pollution; Meritage ACO; EHRs; Steve Jobs; physician well-being.

Summer 2012 - Muscles and Bones

Summer 2012 - Muscles and Bones Feature articles: Exercise; musculoskeletal injury; concussions; total joint replacement; osteoporosis; promoting physical activity.

Departments: Interview with Dr. Walt Mills; natural agents; snakes; dancing; The Santa Rosa Reader; SCMA Wine & Cheese Reception.

Spring 2012 - Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Spring 2012 - Let Food Be Thy Medicine Feature articles: Healthy food; prescribing fruits and vegetables; diabetes; obesity prevention; medical weight loss; family meals.

Departments: Interview with Dr. Ted Epperly; diabetes musical; IDS affiliation; horseriding; Why We Get Fat; local food.

Winter 2012 - The Physician-Hospital Relationship

Winter 2012 - The Physician-Hospital Relationship Feature articles: Hospital medicine; private practice; hospital affiliation; hospitalists; physician-owned surgery centers; hospital-owned surgery centers.

Departments: Selling your practice; breast center accreditation; Green Flight Challenge; Nepal; Blood Feud; fee-for-service medicine.

Fall 2011 - Patient Safety

Fall 2011 - Patient Safety Feature articles: Patient safety; polypharmacy; safer medication use; driving and the elderly; medical simulation; infection control.

Departments: Breast cancer; maternity care; Enjoy Every Sandwich; leprosy.

Summer 2011 - Disaster Planning

Summer 2011 - Disaster Planning Feature articles: Disaster planning; earthquake scenarios; disaster preparedness; family disaster kits; liability protection during disasters.

Departments: Interview with Dr. Jeff Sugarman; Cuban health paradox; generational trauma; aging; The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
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