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Fall 2008 - 150 Years of Sonoma County Medicine

Fall 2008 - 150 Years of Sonoma County Medicine Feature articles: 1903 address to the medical society; local medical history; history of Sonoma County Hospital; historic medical textbooks; change and the status quo; medical education; history of medicine

Departments: Transgender healthcare; Doctors Without Borders; first patient; Emerson's essays; "This I Believe"

Summer 2008 - Mental Health

Summer 2008 - Mental Health Feature articles: Inpatient psychiatric units; integrating mental health with primary care; Santa Rosa Free Clinic; integrated behavioral health; child & adolescent mental health

Departments: Interview with Kirk Pappas, MD; North Bay Melanoma Program; Guatemala; collective health; physician personality types; singing; "When Doctors Become Patients"

Spring 2008 - Health Care Reform

Spring 2008 - Health Care Reform Feature articles: Reforming healthcare non-system; death of health reform; prescription drug detailers; medical-industrial complex; physician payment; proposed Sutter closure

Departments: EHRs for community clinics; medical ecology; California Highway Patrol syndrome;  "Musicophilia"

Winter 2008 - Telemedicine

Winter 2008 - Telemedicine Feature articles: Home telemedicine; robotic telemetry; electronic ICUs; telemedicine and health reform

Departments: Primary care; vascular disease; motorcycles; improving patients' homes; Mark Twain

Fall 2007 - Reproductive Health

Fall 2007 - Reproductive Health Feature articles: Infertility; HPV vaccine; prenatal screening; Families First

Departments: Family tragedies; diving doctors; post-traumatic pleasure syndrome; "How Doctors Think"

Summer 2007 - Caring for the Uninsured

Summer 2007 - Caring for the Uninsured Feature articles: Specialty care for the uninsured; Managed Medi-Cal; community clinics; indigent care; emergency care; impact of Sutter closure; Kids' Net

Departments: Interview with Brad Drexler, MD; healthcare worker shortage; hormone replacement therapy; elderly patients; Google; "Questions of Value"

Spring 2007 - Cancer Update

Spring 2007 - Cancer Update Feature articles: Cancer prevention; integrated cancer treatment; lung cancer; breast cancer

Departments: Proposed closure of Sutter Hospital; community needs; SCMA Alliance art show; "American Dreaming"; Sonoma County Hospital painting

Winter 2007 - The Future of Primary Care

Winter 2007 - The Future of Primary Care Feature articles: Future office practices; future of primary care at Kaiser; new model for primary care; community clinics

Departments: Paintings by Sandra Rubin, MD; coffee; ER billing; "The Omnivore's Dilemma"

Fall 2006 - Angrying Up the Blood

Fall 2006 - Angrying Up the Blood Feature articles: Lipid panels; managing diabetes; obesity epidemic; blood donations; capillaries

Departments: Vitamin D; China; ICUs; sculpture; "Final Crossing"; "Arthritis Guide"

Summer 2006 - The Victims of War

Summer 2006 - The Victims of War Feature articles: War in Burma; PTSD in Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans

Departments: Interview with Phyllis Senter, MD; Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency; carotid stents; photography; poetry; billing companies; publications by SCMA members; "A History of the World in 6 Glasses"
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