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Spring 2006 - Clinical Empathy

Spring 2006 - Clinical Empathy Feature articles: Interview with Rachel Remen, MD; palliative care; placebo effect; influenza

Departments: Access to Sonoma County physicians; evidence-based medicine; inventions; art of Kenny Wong; "Symptoms of Unknown Origin"

Winter 2006 - Medicine and the Automobile

Winter 2006 - Medicine and the Automobile Feature articles: Teenage car crashes; commuting; bicycling; smart growth; personal air vehicles

Departments: Asbestos-related diseases; peritoneal mesothelioma; colon cancer; medicine in Peru; automotive experiences; "Sex, Time and Power"

Fall 2005 - Memory

Fall 2005 - Memory Feature articles: Neurology of memory; memory loss during menopause; peripheral brains

Departments: Healthy Kids program; movies about the brain; Botswana; Gilda Radner syndrome; Dr. Rosalyn Lepley; "Saturday"; fun

Summer 2005 - International Medicine

Summer 2005 - International Medicine Feature articles: Mass antibiotic treatments; tsunami relief; medical care in India; immigrants in Sonoma County; mobile clinic

Departments: Interview with Leonard Klay, MD; asthma toolkit; acting; "The End of Faith"

Spring 2005 - Private Practice

Spring 2005 - Private Practice Feature articles: Private-practice physicians; Kaiser physicians; survey of Sonoma County doctors; Practice Empowerment Program

Departments: Saving MICRA; trauma care; New Zealand; Eugene Perrot; health savings accounts; "Cracked"

Winter 2005 - Personalized Medicine

Winter 2005 - Personalized Medicine Feature articles: Evidence-based medicine; genetic testing; comparative genomic hybridization; genetic abnormalities

Departments: Clinical research in private practice; patient confidentiality; Cal/OSHA compliance; fishing; Gary Snyder

Fall 2004 - The Heart

Fall 2004 - The Heart Feature articles: Aortic dissection; cardiac electrophysiology; women and cardiovascular disease; the heart and emotions

Departments: Tamper-resistant security forms; cataract surgery; sounds of the heart; "Jury of My Peers"

Summer 2004 - Physician Citizens

Summer 2004 - Physician Citizens Feature articles: Interview with Heather Furnas, MD; medicine and politics; gun violence; solar power

Departments: Autism; desktop radiology; leaving medical practice; "Internal Bleeding"

Spring 2004 - Doctor-Patient Communication

Spring 2004 - Doctor-Patient Communication Feature articles: Physicians' communication skills; weight-loss surgery paradigm; medical costs; privacy of medical records; why patients sue doctors

Departments: Serving in Iraq; Internet medical records; record alteration; "Seasons Among the Vines"

Winter 2004 - Chronic Conditions

Winter 2004 - Chronic Conditions Feature articles: Asthma epidemic; brief negotiation; low back pain; managing chronic conditions

Departments: Sentinel lymph node dissection; hospice; influenz pandemic; fetal infant mortality; vicarious liability; "The Nature of Nurture"
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