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Fall 2003 - What is an equitable health system?

Fall 2003 - What is an equitable health system? Feature articles: Hospital care for the uninsured; facility costs for the uninsured; trustworthiness

Departments: Increasing Medicare payments; protecting fetal neurons; endovenous laser therapy; foster children's gift program; "a few short notes on tropical butterflies"

Summer 2003 - Parenting

Summer 2003 - Parenting Feature articles: Teaching children responsibility; children's stress-response to divorce; child development

Departments: Interview with Jan Sonander, MD; Lua' community; obesity epidemic; terminal illness; South Africa; "Complications"

Spring 2003 - Well-Being

Spring 2003 - Well-Being Feature articles: Physician well-being; Gathering of Physicians; rejuvenating careers; physician collegiality

Departments: Exercise for osteoporosis; sun protection; single payer; "Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind"; "Elmer McCurdy"; physician avocations

Winter 2003 - Pharmacy

Winter 2003 - Pharmacy Feature articles: Pediatric asthma; reflux disease; herbal therapy; compounding pharmacies

Departments: CT and MR angiography; single payer; "On Doctoring"' electronic medical records; Paul Lao, MD

Fall 2002 - Food, Nutrition, Weight

Fall 2002 - Food, Nutrition, Weight Feature articles: Treating obesity; anorexia; health diets; nutritional health; slow food

Departments: Uncompensated care; high-resolution MRIs; "Uncle Tungsten"; Latino Health Forum; HIPAA

Summer 2002 - New Physicians in Sonoma County

Summer 2002 - New Physicians in Sonoma County Feature articles: New physicians by the numbers; moving to Sonoma County; rheumatology; profile of Todd Weitzenberg, MD

Departments: Abdominal aortic aneurysms; SCMA Alliance; traditional jazz; HIPAA; "The Dressing Station"

Spring 2002 - The Brain

Spring 2002 - The Brain Feature articles: Reflections on intelligence; headaches; cluster headaches; brain and body; strokes; brain health

Departments: Fused glass; Health Plan of the Redwoods; HIPAA; "Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot"

Winter 2002 - Medicine and War

Winter 2002 - Medicine and War Feature articles: Bioterrorism response; hospital at Ground Zero; disaster preparedness; emotional responses to terrorism; Afghanistan

Departments: Threats to our water supply; integrative medicine; end-of-life care; Galen; HIPAA; "Germs"
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