Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Political Action


The California Medical Association’s Political Action Committee, CALPAC, supports candidates and legislators who understand and embrace medicine's agenda. Health care in California is highly regulated and legislated. As government and the insurance industry continue their quest to control health care, your clinical autonomy is in great jeopardy. Now more than ever, you need to fight to keep medical decisions in your well-trained hands. Fortunately, you do not have to wage the fight alone.

Successful Legislative advocacy depends upon an integrated approach, consisting of lobbying, continuing grassroots activity and political action through CALPAC. CALPAC is operated by physicians for physicians. By focusing physician resources, CALPAC supports hundreds of candidates for state and federal office who share our philosophy and vision of the future of health care and medical practice.

Help strengthen our political voice. Click here for details.


The Marin Medical Political Action Committee (MMPAC) is the nonpartisan political action committee of the Marin Medical Society, which support candidates and legislators who understand and embrace MMS' philosophy, goals and vision for medicine and health care. For more information, contact the Marin Medical Society mms@marinmedical or call 415-924-3891

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