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SCMA/MLCMS - Physician Survey & Much More! (4/8/20)

The Sonoma County Medical Association and Mendocino Lake County Medical Association is continuing to support our medical communities through the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic efforts. As stated previously, I understand that you are already receiving tons of email and updates, so I aim to be helpful, not redundant. With that said, this email is jam packed with content! You may have to come back to this one a few times to absorb the content.

As I mentioned previously, SCMA rallied the community to begin making masks in the event of a N95 shortage. I posted a call for home sewists on social media which led me to a Facebook group called 'North Bay Sewists Unite.' We went from 30 sewists to over 1100 home sewists making masks, at no cost to you. As of this morning, we have requests for over 15,000 masks from hospitals, first responders, nursing facilities, schools, daycare facilities, grocery stores, etc. If your practice needs, please use the donation request form below, but please be patient as we try to fulfill all the requests.

SCMA/MLCMS - Physician Survey & Much More! (4/8/20)

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