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Fall-Winter 2016-2017: Emergency Medicine

Fall-Winter 2016-2017: Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine: Emergency: A view from many angles; will the ER be there when you need it?; what if primary care was as easy to access as the ED?; the Kaiser Permanente telestroke program. Emergency care in Marin: Marin General Hospital; Kaiser San Rafael; Novato Community Hospital. Departments: Experiencing the ED from the "other side;" gun violence and public health; review of A Fearless Heart by Thupten Jinpa; MMS News: Dr. Peter Bretan award; 2016 House of Delegates; letter from the executive director; president's report.
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Spring-Summer 2016: Death and Dying

Spring-Summer 2016: Death and Dying

Editorial: Death, Dying, the Grim Reaper . . . and Woody Allen
Death and Dying: Physician aid in dying (the End of Life Option Act); advance care planning; hospice is good medicine; Kaiser's RESPECT Project; death certificates; CMA end-of-life guidelines and resources.
Departments: Tale of a suicide; reviews, Working Stiff and When Breath Becomes Air; public health update; Marin General Hospital update; reports from Leadership Academy and AMA House of Delegates; 6 decades of Marin Medicine.
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Fall-Winter 2015-16: The Spine

Fall-Winter 2015-16: The Spine Editorial: Spinal Motion Restriction Needs to Be Restricted

The Spine: When is spine surgery needed?; minimally invasive spine surgery; percutaneous vertebral augmentation; malingering in chronic pain patients.
Special Feature: Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Marin County Clinicians.
Departments: Art of M.C. Escher; Novato Community Hospital update; reflections on Burning Man; 2015 House of Delegates; review of Oliver Sacks' On the Move: A Life.
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Spring-Summer 2015: Birth

Spring-Summer 2015: Birth Editorial: Change is in the Air
Birth: Cesarean section and long-term child health; birth centers; weight loss and pregnancy
Departments: Interview with MMS president Peter Bretan, MD; public health update; community clinics update; eulogy to a well-loved physician assistant.
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Marin Medicine Winter 2015

Marin Medicine Winter 2015 The Brain: Editorial: Our Squiggly Blob; bipolar disorder and cannabis use; exercise as a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease; headache update.
Departments: Rx: emotional support dogs; the boating life; the unsustainable SGR; Being Mortal book review; Kaiser Permanente San Rafael update; Peter Bretan AMA Award; letter to Marin County physicians; 2015 new health laws. View PDF online

Fall 2014 - Medicine & Politics

Fall 2014 - Medicine & Politics Medicine & Politics: Medicare in Wonderland; a federal update; a report on Covered California, and the latest on Prop. 46.
Departments: options for preventing suicide; electromagnetic hypersensitivity; "Inheritance" book review, and an update on Kentfield Hospital.  View PDF online

Summer 2014 - Sleep

Summer 2014 - Sleep Sleep: insomnia and behavioral therapy; obstructive sleep apnea: medical treatment options, obesity and OSA, surgery for OSA; sleep and memory.
interview with new MMS president Jeffrey Stevenson, MD; prolotherapy for musculoskeletal pain; advance directives; "The Healing of America" book review; Marin General Hospital update.    View PDF online

Spring 2014 - Elder Care

Spring 2014 - Elder Care Feature articles: Aging in Marin; interview with Drs. Marjorie Belknap and Filmore Rodich; palliative care; managing delirium; working memory.

Departments: CMA governance reform; Tarlac medical mission; Marin General Hospital and Prima Medical Group; career reflections by Dr. Paul Alpert; Novato Community Hospital; "The Wonder of Aging” by Michael Gurian; AMA. 

Winter 2014 - Alternative Medicine

Winter 2014 - Alternative Medicine Feature articles: Auras and premonitions; osteopathy; integrative psychotherapy; the placebo effect; preventive medicine.

Departments: Fibromyalgia; “Comprehensive Care for Complex Patients” book review; “Do You Believe in Magic” by Paul Offit; Marin Community Clinics; MICRA.

Fall 2013 - Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Fall 2013 - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Feature articles: Prescription of opioids for chronic pain; emerging drugs of abuse; alcohol as a vital sign; marijuana pro and con

Departments: MMS strategic plan; Scientist as Artist exhibit; "The Good Nurse," by Charles Graeber; Kaiser Permanente San Rafael
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