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SCMA/MLCMS COVID-19 Health Professional Updates (3/20/20)


The Sonoma County Medical Association will continue to compile relevant resources to support our local medical community novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I do understand that you are already receiving tons of email and updates, so I aim to be helpful, not redundant.

Please contact SCMA with any questions or concerns so that we can be sure we are getting you the information you need. You may call our main office line at (707) 525-4375 or email me at We are working remotely and are monitoring phone messages and emails. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Note: If you have information that you believe is imperative to share with your Sonoma County physician and medical staff colleagues, please drop me a brief email with your info and I will share in follow-up communications as needed. Let's work together to share info that is important to the medical community. I am happy to be the conduit.

If you have an urgent question and need to speak to somebody immediately, please call me, Wendy Young, Executive Director, on my cell phone at (707) 236-2589.

SCMA/MLCMS COVID-19 Health Professional Updates (3/20/20)

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